A Taste of 10 Cities in DC… For When You’re Homesick

“There are few things in life that are both legal and awesome. A taste of home is one of them. Fortunately, the DC area has a few gems that feed the need of recent transplants to teleport back to wherever by way of a few really tasty bites. Here are 10 that get it right.

San Diego Fish Tacos

Fish Taco
Cabin John, MD

“Close your eyes when you bite into these fish tacos and you’ll be brought back to better times when rush hour was at 3pm, four-person bikes were a thing, and a shell of a North Face was considered a “winter jacket.” Chef Eddie Moran’s ability to drop perfect-ten tacos every time is no coincidence. He has his Mexican heritage and SoCal upbringing to thank, and so do San Diegans stuck in DC. The restaurant’s namesake dish comes with local fried fish, slaw that isn’t slimy, and Eddie’s signature sauce — a mayo mixture boosted by charred corn and guajillo chiles. They’re good enough to get Philip Rivers’ mouth to curl into an actual grin.”
-Laura Hayes

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